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The Yellow Vests demonstration on Jan. 07

Return of the Yellow Vests

The Yellow Vests demonstration in Paris

Return of the Yellow Vests

“The anger is still there”

Updated on 10 January 2023


Return of the Yellow Vests, on Saturday they are back on the streets. The Yellow Vests demonstrated in Paris on January 7th. Four and a half years after the start of what would become a weekly protest.


The return of the yellow vests

The Yellow Vests demonstration

In Paris, thousands of yellow vests gathered. A large police force surrounded the growing Paris demonstration in the afternoon.


In November 2018, many French were there to protest against the carbon tax on fuel and the 80 km/h limit on roads. In 2023, The “Yellow Vests” mobilized to denounce Emmanuel Macron’s policies, the reform of pensions, and inflation.


The departure of the march was at 2:30 pm from place de Breteuil towards boulevard de Bercy, passing by boulevard Pasteur, place de la Catalogne, place Denfert-Rochereau, and place d’Italie.


According to Interior Ministry figures, around 4,700 people demonstrated in France on Saturday, including 2,000 in Paris.1










Yellow vests protests



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