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Sardinia, Italy

Italy, Sardinia, climate action and environment, Water

Big difficulties in Sardinia: Arid climate, lack of water!

In Sardinia, water is precious. Italian utility Abbanoa is working on a major investment to eliminate waste and make better use of the island’s resources as it confronts the devastating reality of climate change.

Water is precious on Sardinia, an Italian island experiencing the effects of climate change first-hand. The island, the second largest in the Mediterranean, is seeing less and less rain, which in combination with rising sea levels, threatens the availability of fresh water. Worse, in the summer of 2021, wildfires ravaged 20 000 hectares, forcing more than 1 500 residents to flee and destroying nearly 90% of the olive groves in the municipality of Cuglieri. Even the famed one thousand-year-old wild olive tree of Sa Tanca Manna was severely damaged. Fixing the island’s leaking water pipes, which lose around 60% of the water that passes through them, is therefore a top priority for Sardinia’s main water company, Abbanoa.1


“Water is a vital element, a common good that we must not take for granted, but we must protect it and manage it in the best possible way,” says Antonio Mulas, financial manager at Abbanoa.



A Collaboration Between Man and Nature


Italy, Sardinia, climate action and environment, Water

Giovanni, the epicurean!

Giovanni lives alone in autarky by producing his vegetable garden and fruit trees, his energy with solar panels, production of water with his well. He makes his cheese with the milk of his goats, wine with his vines.

I thank his great human generosity.


Big difficulties in Sardinia: Arid climate, lack of water!








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