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Paris Jazz Festival, Parc Floral de Paris 2018

Paris Jazz Festival 2018 Ikui Doki

Weekend  #4  –  July 21st & 22nd – Fireworks

“To celebrate 10 brilliant years to the Paris Jazz Festival management, Pierrette Devineau and her whole team decided to offer the Parc Floral public a firework worthy of her insatiable curiosity.”

—Couleurs JAZZ”

July 21, 2018

Armel DUPAS (piano)

Kenny RUBY (bass, synthesizer)

Mathieu PENOT (drums, synthesizer)



Sophie BERNADO (bassoon)

Hugues MAYOT (saxophone, clarinet)

Rafaëlle RINAUDO (harp)


July 22, 2018
CARTE BLANCHE TO ÉMILE PARISIEN to close this Festival in style

Émile PARISIEN (saxophone)

Bruno CHEVILLON (double bass)

Manu CODJIA (guitar)

Mario COSTA (drums)

Thomas DE POURQUERY (saxophone, voice)

Daniel HUMAIR (drums)

François JEANNEAU (saxophone)

Géraldine LAURENT (saxophone)

Leila MARTIAL (voice)

Fabrice MARTINEZ (trumpet, bugle)

Roberto NEGRO (piano)

Vincent PEIRANI (accordion)

Michel PORTAL (clarinet)

Simon TAILLEU (double bass)

Julien TOUERY (piano)

Bojan Z (piano)




Paris Jazz Festival, Parc Floral de Paris 2018

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