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COVID-19 pandemic

The Covid-19 pandemic & Fontainebleau

COVID-19 pandemic & Fontainebleau

Gulgun Gunal | 2020, Fontainebleau



Covid-19 has forced or compelled many of us to go home and go to the “shelter”.

What was the last power that made us feel that we were so weak and helpless..!

While COVID-19 has created an extended emergency, it looks like it’s over. Shops reopened and the streets were filled with pedestrians. What that means is that we will all have to learn to live with the risk posed by the coronavirus, just as people needed in the times of other contagions.

In place of getting caught in the loop of pessimism, we should size up the wonderful thing that is humanity. We are resourceful, compassionate, intense and strong-willed.

Older generations were people who did not break their peace with nature. As their children, we may embrace each other more and become more human in order to reproduce the meaning of our existence in the universe, to bring it into awareness and to re-feel it again in every particle of us.

Life during a pandemic in Fontainebleau


It’s hard to forget the images of Fontainebleau’s deserted, lifeless city centre during lockdown, even during the whole pandemic period. Of course, the coronavirus crisis left its mark in Fontainebleau, which lives dynamism, tourism and its unified life.

Fontainebleau had to give up its big festivals like Festival Django Reinhardt or Série Series. And all events that attracted large numbers of people were cancelled.

Fontainebleau was one of the first cities to mandate the wearing of masks even outdoors in the city centre. It was a measure adopted by the Bellifontain, who for the most part respected this measure.

Many Bellifontain shopkeepers had to adapt to the new situation in order to cope with the bankruptcy. For many, this has been driven by an absolute need to reinvent themselves and introduce new services. During the lockdown, home deliveries saw a real increase.

In 2020, the first and second rounds of municipal elections in France were held against the backdrop of the coronavirus. In Fontainebleau too… This raised the question of whether mayors were profiting from overexposure during the health crisis.



Django Reinhardt Festival 2018

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