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Christmas dinner

Repas de Noël Pain surprise

Christmas dinner & Party surprise loaf (Pain surprise)


Why does everyone love Party surprise loaf?


The star of the appetizers

First of all, it must be said that the world is changing, the trends are changing… In the past, we were more inclined to offer salty cookies made of chips, peanuts, dried fruits, puffs as a snack… But for a while now, something that is becoming more and more appealing every day is Party surprise loaf! So why does everyone love Party surprise loaf?




A convivial tasting


As well as Party surprise loaf like raclette or barbecue can also be shared and have a fun side. Whether we are 5 years old or 75 years old, there is a little childish order in all of us. Choosing a slice without knowing what flavor to get adds pleasure to the meal. Party surprise loaf is the ideal choice if you want to create an intimate atmosphere around an aperitif dinner.



Infinite possibilities & Party surprise loaf (pains surprises)


Similarly, if there is one rule for the Christmas dinner Party surprise loaf, it is that there is none! Indeed, you are free to place the food you want with your imagination, which is the only limit. Don’t forget to vary the flavors so that there is something for everyone; Party surprise loaf offers a wide variety of recipes. So you can offer a savory Party surprise loaf as an appetizer, or if you are more of a sweet tooth, you can offer a sweet surprise bread as a dessert. While children and candy lovers will find their happiness with Party surprise loaf, delicatessen lovers will have a great time.


Easy to prepare


The most appealing aspect of Party surprise loaf is its ease of preparation. Because in reality, Party surprise loaf is a bunch of sandwiches. All you have to do is make little sandwiches out of bread or whole wheat bread and stack them on top of each other! It’s a fun activity that anyone can make and present to kids.


Etymology of Party surprise loaf « pain surprise »


About The Party surprise loaf « pain surprise », because the external appearance is, at first glance, that of a large loaf.1







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