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Category : Photography

17 Jan 2023

Ara Güler

How to be a good photographer? Ara Güler said “It starts with seizing life. Learning about life, living effectively, repeating life and using it somewhere. This is photography!”

17 Jan 2023

Ara Güler

What is photography? Ara Güler defined his perspective of photography by saying “It is like plucking off a piece from life itself. Arranging aperture, concerning if it’s 31fps or not… Whatever… These are not photography, these are technical knowledge. Do you understand?”  

29 Dec 2022

Tips for Shooting Snow Photography

Tips for Shooting Snow Photography Winter is a great time to Snow Photography outside and get creative with your camera.  Here are some winter photography ideas to inspire you:   Look for contrast and colour   Winter landscapes: Take advantage of the snow and ice to capture beautiful and striking landscapes. Don’t forget to use a tripod to get a sharp and stable image. Winter sports: If you’re in a region with snow, take advantage of it to take photos […]

26 Dec 2022
Ara Guler

What Does Photography Mean to Me?

© Hakan Dilman 2018 What Does Photography Mean to Me?   My Father, me and photos I remember when I had just started primary school: My father carefully kept the photographs in a beautiful wooden box, never letting anyone touch them. They were very precious to him, as precious as his little radio-tape player. We couldn’t look at or touch those photos without permission just like we couldn’t press the play button on the radio-tape player.     From time to […]

26 Dec 2022
L’importance de la photographie

Why Photography is Important?

Why Photography is Important?   The Importance of Photography It’s important because it allows people to see the world from different perspectives. Thanks to photography, you can admire the most diverse scenarios and situations captured in a frozen moment. Photography is so powerful that it enables you to bring meaningful experiences to others in the form of static images. It allows the diffusion of information about things as they are.   Do you want to know why photography is important […]

22 Dec 2022

The Best camera phones 2022

The Best camera phones 2022 Updated December 2022     The Best phone cameras 2022 Best phone cameras feature are a criterion we care about when buying a new smartphone. The first feature that almost everyone pays attention to is the good camera. The proliferation of social media and the ability to instantly share the photos we take with our friends has made taking photos a hobby for everyone. Most consumers pay attention to the good camera when buying a […]

14 Aug 2022

Ara Güler

A day with Ara Güler Gulgun Gunal | 14 August 2022     Ara Güler, waiting for an answer… On September 29, 2018 – a date that would become unforgettable for me – when I woke up to the ringing sound of my phone, I opened my eyes to an ordinary day. I got excited when I saw the name on the screen yet I did not have much hope. Even if my request for an interview was denied, rejection […]

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