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25 Mar 2023
Django Unchained (2012) Quentin Tarantino

Django Unchained

Django Unchained Tarantino has written his own legend with Django Unchained ! Django Unchained (2012) Gulgun Gunal | 8 janvier 2018   Why do people who are against a man’s color, language, ethnic and cultural values believe that they are superior to others and have the right to dominate them? Does apartheid justify discrimination, othering, creating difference among races and violence leading to slavery of man?   Within the scope of these questions,Tarantino takes the viewers to a magnificient cinematographic […]

21 Feb 2023
Italy, Sardinia, climate action and environment, Water

Sardinia, Italy

Big difficulties in Sardinia: Arid climate, lack of water! In Sardinia, water is precious. Italian utility Abbanoa is working on a major investment to eliminate waste and make better use of the island’s resources as it confronts the devastating reality of climate change. Water is precious on Sardinia, an Italian island experiencing the effects of climate change first-hand. The island, the second largest in the Mediterranean, is seeing less and less rain, which in combination with rising sea levels, threatens […]

07 Feb 2023
Earthquake & Devastated

Earthquake in Turkey and Syria 

Türkiye, Earthquake & Devastation ❘ Gulgun Gunal ❘ 07 February 2023 at 00:02 We often struggle to express our feelings. Even though a person tells about the intensity of the experience at that moment, one cannot express the feeling enough. I was so shaken today; and even if it is not enough, I can only share my pain with words.   A 7.7 magnitude earthquake  Then another earthquake of magnitude 7.6 I woke up as usual and looked at the […]

01 Feb 2023
Valentine’s Day Social Media Pressure

Valentine’s Day & Social Media

Valentine’s Day, social media is facing a storm of couple photos! Showing Valentine’s Day Photos & Showing Love On Social Media And The Psychology Behind It   What is the nature of the relationship between Valentine’s Day and photography. A couple can spend a gloriously romantic evening complete with the cliched candlelight dinner, and slow dancing. But the memory wouldn’t become real until it was shared on social media, and validated by likes and hearts of friends, acquaintances and strangers. […]

28 Jan 2023
Valentine's Day is coming up!

Valentine’s Day is coming up!

Valentine’s Day is coming up   St. Valentin 2023, celebration of love! Let’s celebrate love and be grateful for everlasting loving moments!             ♥ A party to celebrate love!           ♥ Gifts to tell each other that we love each other.   A date with love on February 14, 2023: discover the real story behind this celebration.   The exact origin of Valentine’s Day is not clear, there are several theories […]

25 Jan 2023
Everything you need to know about roses

Everything you need to know about roses

Rose’s History and Present Everything you need to know about roses   Rose’s History The rose is a flower that has a long history in human culture. Wild roses were cultivated over 5,000 years ago in Western Asia. Roses have been used for medicinal purposes, in cooking, and as symbols in mythology and religion. They were also used in perfumery and the production of rose water. Roses were brought to Europe by crusaders during the Middle Ages, and since then, […]

17 Jan 2023

Ara Güler

How to be a good photographer? Ara Güler said “It starts with seizing life. Learning about life, living effectively, repeating life and using it somewhere. This is photography!”

17 Jan 2023

Ara Güler

What is photography? Ara Güler defined his perspective of photography by saying “It is like plucking off a piece from life itself. Arranging aperture, concerning if it’s 31fps or not… Whatever… These are not photography, these are technical knowledge. Do you understand?”  

14 Jan 2023
Docu Magazine

Interview: Gulgun Gunal by Docu Magazine

Interview : Gulgun Gunal par Docu Magazine Docu Magazine Docu Book Vol 7 – Best of Documentary & Street Photography Pleased to have two of my work included in the January issue of Docu Magazine. You can read the magazine here or purchase it by clicking on the link below. https://documagazine.gumroad.com/l/DocuBooks/ I wanted to share this short interview with you, was very enjoyable for me and included very important questions.      

26 Dec 2022
Ara Guler

What Does Photography Mean to Me?

© Hakan Dilman 2018 What Does Photography Mean to Me?   My Father, me and photos I remember when I had just started primary school: My father carefully kept the photographs in a beautiful wooden box, never letting anyone touch them. They were very precious to him, as precious as his little radio-tape player. We couldn’t look at or touch those photos without permission just like we couldn’t press the play button on the radio-tape player.     From time to […]

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