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17 Jan 2023

Marcus Miller

Marcus Miller Miles Davis’ biggest gift to us is Marcus Miller. If we go even further, it is of course the gift of his father to us. Very well explained about this, on the video.

11 Jan 2023
Marcus Miller, Amandla & Tutu

Marcus Miller, Amandla & Tutu

Marcus Miller: Amandla & Tutu Roddy Elder asks to Gulgun Gunal Marcus Miller In Tutu Marcus Miller did everything, composition, arrangement, instrument records etc. they say it is Miles Davis’s least effort album. In fact, in this album is also very important Jason Miles in the synthesisers.   On the other hand, Miles Davis’ biggest gift to us is Marcus Miller. If we go even further, it is of course the gift of his father to us. Very well explained […]

19 Jul 2022
Sedef Erçetin & Ricardo Moyano Kalamis Summer Festival 2022

Kalamis Summer Festival 2022

Kalamış Summer Festival, organized for the second time this year by Kadıköy Municipality, was held in Kadıköy Kalamış Atatürk Park (Türkiye) between 01/07/2022 – 30/08/2022. The festival closed with a special concert organized for August 30th Victory Day. In Kadıköy, the favorite address of urban mobility and culture-art meetings, the public showed great interest in open-air meetings and events held at different points of Kadıköy, which were suspended due to the pandemic. I am very delighted to have had the opportunity […]

26 Jun 2022
Festival Across the sea 2022

Festival Across the sea 2022

Festival Dall’Altra Parte del Mare 2022 (Festival Across the sea 2022) 26 June 2022 | The Quarter The festival originated in Alghero and is dedicated to books, writers and stories. L’associazione itinerandia Itinerandia is an association that has been involved in organizing cultural events and promoting reading for years. He collaborated in the creation and organization of the three editions of the “Controcaos” Children’s Literature Festival in Castelsardo. It is the soul and the driving force of the Alghero “Dall’altra […]

22 Jul 2018
Paris Jazz Festival 2018 Ikui Doki

Paris Jazz Festival, Parc Floral de Paris 2018

Weekend  #4  –  July 21st & 22nd – Fireworks “To celebrate 10 brilliant years to the Paris Jazz Festival management, Pierrette Devineau and her whole team decided to offer the Parc Floral public a firework worthy of her insatiable curiosity.” —Couleurs JAZZ” July 21, 2018 ARMEL DUPAS Armel DUPAS (piano) Kenny RUBY (bass, synthesizer) Mathieu PENOT (drums, synthesizer)   IKUI DOKI Sophie BERNADO (bassoon) Hugues MAYOT (saxophone, clarinet) Rafaëlle RINAUDO (harp)   July 22, 2018 CARTE BLANCHE TO ÉMILE PARISIEN […]

15 Jul 2018
Paris Jazz Festival, Parc Floral Paris 2018

Paris Jazz Festival, Parc Floral de Paris 2018

Weekend #3 – July 14th & 15th – Great Formats July 14, 2018 “PARIS WORKSHOP”, from LAURENT CUGNY / GIL EVANS Quentin GHOMARI (trumpet) Olivier LAISNEY (trumpet) Malo MAZURIÉ (trumpet) Brice MOSCARDINI (trumpet) Michaël BALLUE (trombone) Leo PELLET (trombone) Victor MICHAUD (horn) Fabien DEBELLEFONTAINE (tuba, flute) Fabien MAGNIN (alto saxophone) Adrien SANCHEZ (tenor and soprano saxophones) Martin GUERPIN (tenor and soprano saxophones) Jean-Philippe SCALI (baritone saxophone, bass clarinet) Marc-Antoine PERRIO (guitar) Joachim GOVIN (double bass) Gautier GARRIGUE (drums) and Laurent […]

10 Jul 2018
Django Reinhardt Festival - Jazz Festival in Fontainebleau

Django Reinhardt Festival 2018

08 July 2018 Django Reinhardt Festival is a jazz festival that took place from 07/05/2018 to 07/08/2018 in Fontainebleau near Paris (France). On June 30, 2018 Django Reinhardt Festival opened with free concerts dedicated to the memory of Django Reinhardt and his music, on the village square of Samois-sur-Seine, the historic site of the festival. The Django Reinhardt Festival also celebrated the 50th anniversary of its creation in the park of the Château de Fontainebleau. The festival dedicated this edition […]

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