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07 Jan 2023
Sassari, Sardaigne, Italie

Between human habitats and nature

Human and nature Biodiversity Between human habitats and nature Biodiversity conservation researcher Victor Cazalis: “Experiencing nature is a determining factor in the way we think about nature and environmental issues”   A recent Franco-German study shows that human beings are moving more and more away from nature, both physically by distancing themselves from a natural space and culturally. Victor Cazalis is a post-doctoral researcher at the University of Leipzig and took part in this study, which we have already mentioned […]

03 Jan 2023

My daughter & Her Close Friendships

Gulgun Gunal | 5 September 2022 Photography Project part 1 Daughters & friendships   ⌈Su⌋ Congratulations, you have  “Su”! Having a daughter means that from the day you hold her in your arms, she will fill your sleep and your life with delicacy, detail and tenderness. The day she was born, I stopped being my mother’s (actually my father’s) daughter and became my daughter’s mother. That day a new life began for both of us…  Your bond with your daughter […]

03 Jan 2023


Friendship  Evolution of Relationships Gulgun Gunal | 5 September 2022     The Evolution of Relationships & The Modern World Friendship, like everything else, has changed over time. In the modern urban world, true friendships are very rare. They may be numerous, but in terms of quality they are replaced by pragmatic relationships, people who prefer to be with you in fun moments and other people who distance themselves from you in difficult times…    How does social media affect […]

24 Dec 2022
Repas de Noël Pain surprise

Christmas dinner

Christmas dinner & Party surprise loaf (Pain surprise)   Why does everyone love Party surprise loaf?   The star of the appetizers First of all, it must be said that the world is changing, the trends are changing… In the past, we were more inclined to offer salty cookies made of chips, peanuts, dried fruits, puffs as a snack… But for a while now, something that is becoming more and more appealing every day is Party surprise loaf! So why […]

23 Dec 2022
Noël : Une fête païenne devenue universelle


Christmas: a pagan festival that became universal   Christmas is one of the most important Christian holidays… and is certainly the favourite holiday of children!   Combining a religious significance with the tradition of unmissable gifts, it is the subject of a great deal of commercial activity every year. Its date is fixed, since Christmas is celebrated every 25 December. This day is a public holiday and is the occasion, for Christians, to commemorate the birth of Jesus Christ.   […]

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