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17 Jan 2023

Ara Güler

How to be a good photographer? Ara Güler said “It starts with seizing life. Learning about life, living effectively, repeating life and using it somewhere. This is photography!”

17 Jan 2023

Ara Güler

What is photography? Ara Güler defined his perspective of photography by saying “It is like plucking off a piece from life itself. Arranging aperture, concerning if it’s 31fps or not… Whatever… These are not photography, these are technical knowledge. Do you understand?”  

14 Jan 2023
Docu Magazine

Interview: Gulgun Gunal by Docu Magazine

Interview : Gulgun Gunal par Docu Magazine Docu Magazine Docu Book Vol 7 – Best of Documentary & Street Photography Pleased to have two of my work included in the January issue of Docu Magazine. You can read the magazine here or purchase it by clicking on the link below. https://documagazine.gumroad.com/l/DocuBooks/ I wanted to share this short interview with you, was very enjoyable for me and included very important questions.      

11 Jan 2023
Marcus Miller, Amandla & Tutu

Marcus Miller, Amandla & Tutu

Marcus Miller: Amandla & Tutu Roddy Elder asks to Gulgun Gunal Marcus Miller In Tutu Marcus Miller did everything, composition, arrangement, instrument records etc. they say it is Miles Davis’s least effort album. In fact, in this album is also very important Jason Miles in the synthesisers.   On the other hand, Miles Davis’ biggest gift to us is Marcus Miller. If we go even further, it is of course the gift of his father to us. Very well explained […]

11 Dec 2022
Kalamis Summer Festival 2022 Sedef Erçetin and Ricardo Moyano

Ricardo Moyano

Ricardo Moyano Musician of the world GC102 ITW Ricardo Moyano Text and photos : Gulgun Gunal Interview Ricardo Moyano by Gulgun Gunal   The Interview has been published in December 2022 by the magazine Guitare Classique, issue 102 Musician of the world Born in 1961, Ricardo Moyano is one of Argentina’s great guitarists like Juan Falú or Jorge Cardoso. His career as a musician has taken him all over the world, but life has also led him to settle in […]

14 Aug 2022

Ara Güler

A day with Ara Güler Gulgun Gunal | 14 August 2022     Ara Güler, waiting for an answer… On September 29, 2018 – a date that would become unforgettable for me – when I woke up to the ringing sound of my phone, I opened my eyes to an ordinary day. I got excited when I saw the name on the screen yet I did not have much hope. Even if my request for an interview was denied, rejection […]

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