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03 Jan 2023

My daughter & Her Close Friendships

Gulgun Gunal | 5 September 2022 Photography Project part 1 Daughters & friendships   ⌈Su⌋ Congratulations, you have  “Su”! Having a daughter means that from the day you hold her in your arms, she will fill your sleep and your life with delicacy, detail and tenderness. The day she was born, I stopped being my mother’s (actually my father’s) daughter and became my daughter’s mother. That day a new life began for both of us…  Your bond with your daughter […]

11 Dec 2022
Kalamis Summer Festival 2022 Sedef Erçetin and Ricardo Moyano

Ricardo Moyano

Ricardo Moyano Musician of the world GC102 ITW Ricardo Moyano Text and photos : Gulgun Gunal Interview Ricardo Moyano by Gulgun Gunal   The Interview has been published in December 2022 by the magazine Guitare Classique, issue 102 Musician of the world Born in 1961, Ricardo Moyano is one of Argentina’s great guitarists like Juan Falú or Jorge Cardoso. His career as a musician has taken him all over the world, but life has also led him to settle in […]

10 Dec 2022
As early as the 14th century the inhabitants of the island had discovered the presence of coral. Alghero thus became a place famous for its coral.

Alghero, Sardinia, Italy

  Alghero: Have you ever seen the history and present of a city through its silhouettes! Alghero, a history between facts and legends; baroque, neoclassical, Catalan patrimony, the ‘Coral Coast’, and fortified with 90 km of shoreline… Alghero offers perhaps the most beautiful medieval center of Sardinia. And it’s between the walls and the sea that you can read the soul of the Alghero! An anthology sunset on its ramparts; the ocher stone of the houses then turns into bronze […]

01 Jan 2020
The Covid-19 pandemic & Fontainebleau

COVID-19 pandemic

COVID-19 pandemic & Fontainebleau Gulgun Gunal | 2020, Fontainebleau   Covid-19 has forced or compelled many of us to go home and go to the “shelter”. What was the last power that made us feel that we were so weak and helpless..! While COVID-19 has created an extended emergency, it looks like it’s over. Shops reopened and the streets were filled with pedestrians. What that means is that we will all have to learn to live with the risk posed […]

01 Jan 2020
Yellow vests protests

The yellow vest movement

A French Anger Gulgun Gunal | 2020, Fontainebleau     Yellow vests movement The “Yellow Vests” movement was created as a result of the increase in fuel prices due to the government’s increase in the domestic consumption tax. At the root of this movement is the search for another system that will provide an answer and solution to the increasing livelihood of the middle class, which has begun to disappear in the country, and the desire to establish a new […]

28 Aug 2019
Beirut, Lebanon

Beirut, Lebanon

Beirut, a compacted version of the world Gulgun Gunal | 28 August 2019, updated on 01 October 2022.  Lebanon: A Country of Emigration and Immigration Beirut, Lebanon “Lebanon is a multi-confessional republic. It is characterized by a sectarian power-sharing structure that arose as a result of its history, which is filled with sectarian and communal power struggles. Consequently, Lebanon has struggled for years on end to deal with human loss and brain drain as a consequence of continual emigration, in […]

13 Dec 2018

IFSAK Project – My name is Red

IFSAK Project: 226th Term Project Group I was involved in a project that lasted for a year with a photography association (IFSAK) that I was a member of. It was a book by Orhan Pamuk who received the Nobel Prize and known worldwide, the name of the book is “My name is Red” and story takes place in the 1590s. I made a list from my perspective to turn the book into photography. Of course, I had to find something […]

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