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Amaury Faye Trio

The Amaury Faye Trio Jazz Café Montparnasse

Jazz Café Montparnasse

Gulgun Gunal | 3 November 2018


Amaury Faye, piano
Louis Navarro, contrebasse
Guillaume Prévost, batterie


THE AMAURY FAYE TRIO – Resulting from a project born in 2014 on American soil with New York bassist Cole Davis and London drummer Jonah Summitfield, the trio of Amaury Faye reached its current form when it settled in 2015 in Brussels, integrating French musicians Louis Navarro on double bass and Théo Lanau on drums. In the following months, the trio established itself as a real revelation on the European jazz scene by successively winning 5 awards in national and international competitions.




Paris Jazz Festival, Parc Floral de Paris 2018

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