Gulgun GunalBeing born in 1970 in a small seaside town where the sea and nature are nested together, Gulgun concerns herself with the notions of authenticity and liberty while defining photography as a way of expressing herself.  After moving to İstanbul in the ‘90s, in December 2008 she moved to Fontainebleau, a place that witnessed the history of emperorship and has been enclosed by Fontainebleau Forest, where she still lives in.

In a world where billions of people, creatures, and objects interact with each other in a unique and unrepeatable way, she acknowledges every moment that she has witnessed as a photo frame. Where the universe proceeds to infinity, any moment of pressing the shutter, she takes ultimate pleasure in the event of capturing that bygone frame.

Concordantly, she strives for producing photography by looking out for different times, places, geographies; and by using aesthetics, subjects, and humanism among the worlds of different generations as a base for the artistic and mercantile needs of the modern world.

Atty. Tuygun Serdar


In her photo bag:

  • A rangefinder camera
  • A 50mm f/2  Lens
  • And A 21mm f/3.4 Lens